How to Calculate Your Retirement Needs?

Here’s the truth, staying as a corporate slave isn’t going to work out for anybody.

  • Artificial intelligence is disrupting jobs and the way you work, almost replacing you in fact. You don’t want to end up working in MacDonald’s, washing toilets, or cleaning tables for money.
  • You face the situations whereby you have short careers, but long liabilities like home loans.
  • Home loans you owe to the bank make you cash tight and time strapped to start a side business
  • You aren’t born rich, and the advantage from coming from a wealthier family is increasing
  • The money making decisions at an earlier age magnifies into HUGE advantages in adult life.

Here’s how much money you need to save to retire on a beach and play golf all day by age 40

Retirement calculator

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There’s a simple calculation to determine how much you need to have saved before you can retire

How to Calculate Your Retirement Needs

Determine your retirement needs

How Much to Save for Retirement + Steps to Figure out Your Needs

Retirement Calculator

Retirement calculator

Retirement Calculator


Retirement should be a time of relaxation. But the reality is that this phase of your life can bring big financial changes. Use our handy calculator to work out the amount you’ll need, to comfortably enjoy your golden years.

Can you preserve your current lifestyle when you retire?


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There’s a simple calculation to determine how much you need to have saved before you can retire

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