Buying Commercial Property? Read This First, Avoid Mistakes!

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The decision to buy or to rent a commercial or industrial property depends on many factors. If you are a business owner it is mostly about the economics of ownership versus that of renting. Here are some of the things that will affect the decision on whether to rent or to buy a property.

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Buy or Rent a Commercial Property?

Find out whether to buy or to rent your commercial property

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8 things to consider before you refinance commercial property loan


Residential vs Commercial property investment in Singapore: which is right for you?

Commercial properties are an attractive investment to many right now. Rental yields for commercial properties may reach 5% on average, whereas residential units typically have more modest rental yields of 2 to 3% per cent. However, there are many more differences between investing in a residential vs. a commercial property — vital make-or-break factors that you must know before putting in your money. This in-depth analysis will help you make a better and much more informed decision.

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Thinking of investing in commercial property?

Many Singaporeans assume that purchasing residential property is a foolproof method of investing their money – but this might not necessarily be the case. In a previous article, we discussed whether your HDB flat can be seen as a liability instead of an asset. In this article, we’ll explore another option available to people who are looking to invest in property – purchasing commercial property instead of residential property.

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5 Reasons Why You’d Be Silly To Ignore Commercial Property

Here’s 5 interesting reasons why dumping your investment money into a commercial property could be a viable alternative to the usual practice of buying a condo and renting it out. We spoke with real estate sales person Mr Stanley Tan of Principium, who had this to say:

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Important Things to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Property

As a first-time investor in commercial property in Singapore, there are many aspects to ponder about before kicking off the process.

For instance, even though commercial property may provide a higher yield than residential property, it is highly dependent upon factors such as location, new developments in the area and infrastructure.

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Buying a commercial property versus residential property

Commercial properties rose in popularity following the cooling measures imposed on the residential segment in 2011 and 2013.

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8 considerations before buying commercial space

With the recent implementation of the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty or ABSD for private residential properties, foreign investors still interested in Singapore property are entering the less stringent commercial market as they wait to see the long term ramifications this new policy will have on the residential market in the near future.

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An Introduction To Commercial Properties In Singapore

Considering an investment into commercial properties in Singapore? Here are some things you should know first.

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Buying Commercial Properties – What to Look Out For?

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