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An OPEN listing is when the seller of the property has to pay a commission to the broker who made the sale, but the seller reserves the right to sell the property on his own without paying a commission. Open listings may be given to any number of brokers on the same property.

An EXCLUSIVE right to sell agreement is a listing agreement whereby the seller is obliged to pay a commission to the broker with exclusive right to sell a property during a stated period, even if the owner makes the sale himself.

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Top 10 Reasons

I’m the Real Estate Agent for You!

  1. I have 12 years of experience successfully buying and selling homes in the Singapore market.
  2. I know the neighborhoods, schools, market conditions, zoning regulations and local economy. I have lived and owned property here my entire life.
  3. I’ll do the leg work, keeping you up-to-date with new listings and conditions as they impact the market.
  4. I’m a full-time real estate agent – anything less and you’d be short changed.
  5. I’ll use my connections throughout the mortgage industry to get you the best deals possible.
  6. You’ll be my only client in the real estate transaction.
  7. I’ll guide you through the complexities of buying and/or selling a house, eliminating hassles and stress.
  8. As a standard business practice I preview homes as they become available, keeping you apprised of market conditions as they evolve.
  9. I won’t waste your time – when an offer is made, I’ll require acceptance or a counter offer within 24 to 48 hours.
  10. You’ll have the advantage of personal, one-on-one attention, as well as my dynamic web and e-mail resources.

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